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 Fishing from the Pier

The Pier can be very busy during the summer and therefore difficult to fish safely.

No fishing is allowed at any time on either the east side in to the Harbour or the West side as this is close to the rocks and the designated swim zone. Canterbury City Council have designated an area in the North West corner of the Pier marked by red stripes but it is still not easy due to marker bouys and boats moving in and out of the harbour.

Winter is perhaps the best time with less people about and also more likely to make a catch.

Winter fish are whiting and dabs using lugworm as bait.

Summer fishing is best carried out from The Neptune Arm where the Spring/Summer fish can be skate, bass, flounders and dabs. Mullet can be seen in the Summer but are difficult to catch - a float with a small bread baited hook is the best method but they have soft mouths and are difficult to land.

There can be problems with seaweed during the Summer and when this occurs the best time is on the slack water.

This advice has been kindly supplied to us by Barry Mount Secretary of the Herne Bay Angling Association