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Operated by Herne Bay Pier Trust, The Pier, Central Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5JN

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Herne Bay Pier Trust


Doreen Stone


Re-elected 2015


Funding bids coordinator

Aileen Barker


Re-elected 2016

Secretary of Retail Village lettings team

Andrew Cook


Company Secretary

Operations Manager

Lynn Faux-Bowyer


Re-elected 2014

Volunteer and Education coordinator and Young People contact

Andy Harvey

Elected 2016

Health & Safety Officer

Feasibility study of  long Pier rebuild as a tidal lagoon and solar farm

David Townsend


Re-elected 2016


Jeanette Stockley


Johanne Warren

Co-opted 2017

 Media Manager


Catherine Francis-Yeats


In 2009 in conjunction with Canterbury City Council the Herne Bay Pier Trust was formed with charity status membership being open to all. Two Trustees are nominated by the Council and the rest by its Members.

The objects of the Trust were set out as:-

1. The preservation, renovation, reconstruction and enhancement of Herne Bay Pier and the surrounding area as a building of special architectural and historical interest.

2. The promotion and use of the Pier for recreational purposes and as a community and heritage building for the general use of all the inhabitants and visitors to the town of Herne Bay and the surrounding area.

Following the formation of the Trust up until the time that old Sports Pavilion was finally demolished there was much discussion as to the best course of action and several reports were commissioned.It is perhaps not surprising that there were a number of schemes proposed and at times quite heated debates as to the course of action that the Trust should take.

Finally it was agreed that the current aims of the Trust should be:-

1. To fully utilise the existing Pier and to bring it back to life for the enjoyment of local people and to make it an asset to Herne Bay by bringing more visitors to the Town.

2. To take any opportunities that may occur to extend the Pier either partially or even back to its former length providing it is economically viable and sustainable.